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We invite you to participate in this vital ministry.


Type of Membership

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Join Our Altar Guild Network

Stay Informed, Share Successes, Contribute Your Talents

By making itself aware of the great diversity among us Episcopalians, by staying abreast of liturgical changes not only in ceremony but also in the furnishings of worship, by helping solve contemporary altar guild problems, by spreading the word about who knows what “in altar guild country,” NAGA is the center of the altar guild network. Altar guilds around the country assist NAGA with its on-going projects such as making stoles and chasubles for the chaplains of the armed forces and rounding up articles for its regular gift to General Convention — an outstanding Ecclesiastical Art Collection.

NAGA is a diverse ministry. Members come from both sexes, all ethnic groups and ages. We follow various styles of worship and interpretations of theology within the Church. We offer many individual gifts and talents, such as needle arts, flower arranging, writing, speaking and teaching.

Members enjoy a variety of valuable and informative resources

• You’ll receive a quarterly newsletter, the Epistle, offering news from altar guilds around the country, helpful information and hints, as well as interpretations and guidelines for services, seasons, and specific ceremonies.
• You may participate in stoles-making projects for chaplains who serve under the Bishop of the Armed Forces.
• You may borrow from our extensive collection of books on subjects related to altar guild interests—needle arts, flower arranging, liturgical, history and practice, etc.—which is housed at Nashotah House and available to anyone through inter-library loan.
• You may attend our triennial meeting during General Convention and contribute items of ecclesiastical art to be displayed in our art exhibit.
• You may “shop” at our Sacristy Shop, featuring items designed specifically for NAGA such as aprons, tote bags, cincture starters and purificator stamps.
• You may request that a NAGA representative (usually the president) speak about NAGA and its ministry for diocesan groups and others.

Important Notice for Current Members Regarding Renewals

Not sure when to pay your dues? Many of us are unsure, so we are making a change, which we hope will help everyone remember to pay their dues! Dues are now due in January. The change is effective January, 2012. This is when dues are payable, regardless of whether you have paid at a different time in the past. Paying in January ensures your membership will continue through all of 2012. Dues will continue to be payable each following January. As you update your calendars for next January, please make a note of this change. A Membership form can be found on page 19. Many thanks for your understanding and flexibility in making this most needed change.