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Endowment Fund

Gifts as thanksgivings or memorials are welcome in any amount at any time.

Please click the PayPal button below to donate to the NAGA Endowment Fund. After making your gift, please click “Return to Merchant” and PayPal will automatically direct you to our Donation Form, so that we can honor your gift. Please do not forget to complete this form. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful gift.

If you prefer, you can download and return our Endowment Form with your personal check.

NAGA started its Endowment Fund in 1982 with a matching grant of $3000. According to the bylaws “the income only from this fund may be used for work among altar guilds within the Episcopal Church and for maintaining the presence of the altar guilds at General Convention.” The income has been used in this way from the beginning, but continual gifts have made the fund grow steadily over the years, allowing us to introduce important initiatives, such as the NAGA Scholarship Program.