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Need help? What do your church or your diocesan altar guild need? What do you as an individual altar guild member need? NAGA is here to help.

NAGA’s mission has always been one of service to all altar guilds. One of our ministries is the Mission Supply Ministry directed by JoAnn Ziller of the Diocese of Louisiana. It began as a suggestion at the NAGA board meeting in March 2010. The aim of our Mission Supply Ministry is to assist parishes in financial need that might need new altar linens. The Mission Supply Ministry can help you make linens at low cost. We can also guide you in making or repairing other vestments and paraments.

Our assistance is not to take the place of ordering from the many excellent companies that have provided for your needs so faithfully for so many years. However, if you are looking for a less expensive alternative for new items, or simply wish to revamp or recycle older ones, this ministry is here to guide you.

If you would like to purchase fabric for new altar linens, you may get advice through this ministry. This ministry can guide you on how to construct them, what needle to use, hand or machine embroidery techniques, how to launder, iron…Whatever advice you need, the Mission Supply Ministry can help.

Education and advice is a phone call or an e-mail away. If you need assistance, simply contact JoAnn Ziller (tel: 985-510-0756; e-mail:

JoAnn is also willing to come to your diocesan meetings or your individual churches to conduct workshops and training. She has training in textiles, construction, vestment design, restoration and conservation and loves to share this knowledge. If there is someone in your church or diocese willing to construct new items or refurbish old ones, she can help instruct them. If there is no one willing or able to do so for your church, she has contacts with individuals who can accomplish your goals, but they will require compensation.

Plan to attend the National Altar Guild Association’s General Meeting in Indianapolis this July and meet JoAnn there. Click here for the Registration Form. We can’t anticipate what your needs might be, so guide us in our service to you. Contact JoAnn Ziller — she’d love to talk to you about how NAGA can help. God has called us to serve.


by JoAnn Ziller

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