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The season of Pentecost is all about us and what Christ has asked us to do as faithful followers. The color is green and the season reveals his teachings and journey forward to spread the good news of God’s presence in the world. We hear the stories of God’s presence in the world. We hear the stories of Jesus’ ministry, hear his teaching, hear the parables and of his encounters with others. They are lessons for all of us. They show us how we should live and serve God and one another. They teach us to live our lives in relationship with Jesus Christ. Throughout the season, we ask ourselves how these stories apply to our life today. ‘How do I go forth and spread the good news?’ ‘How has the Holy Spirit guided me in my ministry?’ ‘Does the way I live show forth my belief and relationship with God?’

Altar Guild ministry is special and holy, an offering to God. In service to our Lord and to our community of faith we can perform our ministry in a powerful way by ever strengthening our relationship to God, seeking to be in His presence in all that we do.

From Expressing Our Faith Through Altar Guild Ministry, printed by Forward Movement Publications, 2002, is only available through NAGA’s Sacristy Shop @ $1.00/copy plus shipping. To order, e-mail Betsy Davenport,

About the Author: Hobey Hinchman served as altar guild director of the Diocese of Southern Ohio for a number of years and as NAGA president from 1997-2000. Most recently she represented NAGA on the General Convention worship committee, organizing and coordinating the altar guild’s Eucharistic ministry at the conventions in Columbus (2006), Anaheim (2009) and Indianapolis (2012), always with her incomparable grace and efficiency.

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