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From The National Altar Guild of the Episcopal Church, U.S.A. Its First Seventy-Three Years 1927-2000

In 1968 President Terry Harris suggested that NADAG (National Association of Diocesan Altar Guilds) adopt a pin to signify its ministry and recommended as suitable either the Ontario or the Rhode Island Diocesan Altar Guild pins. The idea was appealing and orders for pins mushroomed.

Later, in 1971, at the request of the Chicago Diocesan Altar Guild, Terry worked with James Avery, the silver craftsman “to design a President’s cross for the Association.”

In 1972, “in memory of Mrs. Eugene (Martha) Hayes, Diocesan Chairman of Chicago,” the Chicago Guild gave this cross to the President of NADAG to wear during her term of office. “The cross will be presented to succeeding presidents of the National Association and smaller replica crosses will be presented to the outgoing presidents.”

In 1976 miniature pins or pendants were made available for Association members to purchase.

In January 1987 the National Association of Diocesan Altar Guilds (NADAG) became the National Altar Guild Association (NAGA) with expanded membership to all Episcopal altar guild groups (provincial, diocesan, deanery or the equivalent, parish and mission) and individual members of Episcopal altar guilds.  This pin design became NAGA’s new logo.

The cross design is a “modified” Celtic Cross, the circle being elongated rather than round. The cross bar represents an altar,  with cross and vested paten and chalice in the center and a lit candle on either side. It is engraved on the back: Martha Walker Hayes 1971.

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