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A few Province VIII diocesan altar guilds have “Clothes Closets” with liturgical items donated by parishes that no longer need these items. For example, the Diocese of Olympia, the Diocese of Arizona, and the Diocese of Oregon’s Guild and Liturgical Arts all have many items to donate or sell at a low price to parishes that need items for their church. 

Oregon’s Guild and Liturgical Arts sets up an area at the Diocesan Convention to give away items. The give-away program at convention has been appreciated and very successful. 

The Diocese of Olympia has items to give away, as well as a sewing room that repairs fabric items and makes a large assortment of new items. The proceeds from all sales benefit parishes, missions, and the Diocesan House. Preference for items goes to parishes and clergy in the respective dioceses.

We would like to create a national list of resources for churches in need and post it on the NAGA website. As church budgets become tighter, there is a greater need for affordable liturgical items. We occasionally receive requests from churches looking for items — there is a need for a one-stop resource to find items or to learn where items can be repaired — and altar guild members can be a great resource. When items can be given away, or a minimal fee charged, these liturgical items are very affordable. (Cleaning, shipping and handling fees may also be charged.)

Please notify Donna Anderson at if you know of any resources in your area with liturgical items that need to find new homes. We’d like to know the scope of services, resources available, and their contact information.

This is a two part article, the second article will cover how to give details when requesting an item.

By Sherry Garman and Donna Anderson

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