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The Central Florida DAG has been preparing the wafers for distribution at the Drive-Thru each week. 

We are fortunate to have a nice kitchen at our church where we prepare the wafers according to the example provided in a video by our Bishop (see directions below).  Two or three altar guild members don masks and gloves and work each week to be sure there are enough wafers. The Deacons and Priests distribute the wafers using tongs and say prayers with each car that comes to the Drive-Thru.”  

1—Spread out clean white towels on the kitchen counters and place the wafers in neat rows

2—Take a small piece of a priests’ host and dip it into a small dish containing Red Port Wine and make a wine “cross” on each wafer.  The dark red wine shows up nicely on the wafers. 

3—Let the wine on the wafers dry completely – about an hour or slightly more. 

4—While the wafers are drying, take a break and sit down and open square snack size zip lock bags (still wearing our masks and gloves) and put them in a large bowl. 

5—When the wine is completely dry on the wafers, put one wafer in each of the zip lock bags, seal them tightly and put them all in the large bowl. 

6—Cover the bowl with plastic wrap so the wafers will not blow away during the Drive-Thru and put a note on top that the wafers have not been blessed; the wafers are blessed at the weekly Saturday night service so they will be ready for distribution on Sunday morning. 

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