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In a little less than a year we will be gathering — either in person or virtually — for our Triennial meeting. However we gather, we need to nominate and elect leadership for the next Triennial term. We are all blessed to have one another and opportunities to continue the legacy of altar guild. We encourage you to take the plunge and consider serving on the national board. It is indeed a privilege to work with such wonderful women and men in the ministry of altar guild. The national board meets annually and is the planning and work force behind assisting our bishops, priests and deacons at Triennial and planning an informative and fun time while we are together at the Triennial. 

Please download the Nomination Form to recommend those you ask to serve in a leadership role. You may either email or mail me the nomination, along with any supporting correspondence that will be helpful as we review your recommendation. The Nominating Committee will be meeting virtually to review nominations, contact potential candidates and post their profiles in the Spring Epistle. The election will take place, either in person or virtually, in July 2021. Any questions, please email me at or call me at (979) 743-4574. 

General Requirements

NAGA requires that nominees are members of the Episcopal Church and current members of NAGA. Experience is important: each shall have served as an officer of a diocesan or parish altar guild, and nominees for president or first vice-president shall have completed a full term on the NAGA board. Individuals should also have basic computer and organizational skills in church work. Accounting, ability to set up and participate in virtual hearings (FaceTime, ZOOM, Microsoft Team, Skype), and writing skills may also apply. 

Requirements by Office

President — Chief duties include presiding at all meetings; general supervision of all matters pertaining to NAGA; serving as editor-in-chief of Epistle newsletter; being a member of the finance committee.

First vice president — Presides in the absence of the president and assumes those duties at such times; represents NAGA when necessary; serves as program chair for the NAGA triennial meeting; performs such other duties as requested by the president.

Second vice president — Presides in the absence of the president and first vice president, assuming their duties at such times; serves as membership chair; performs such other duties as requested by the president.

Secretary — Receives and replies to routine correspondence; gives written notice to all meetings, together with agenda; keeps the minutes of the National Altar Guild Association, its board and executive committee; has a copy of NAGA bylaws available at all times.

Treasurer — Responsible for all NAGA funds, their receipt, investment and distribution; maintains an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed on behalf of NAGA; chairs the finance committee and manages funds in accordance with its financial policies; serves on any other committee regarding finances; provides quarterly reports to the board; posts bond and arranges for an accredited auditor’s printed report for the triennial meeting; performs such other duties as requested by the president.

Nominating committee chair — By means of publication in Epistle, invites members’ recommendations for eligible candidates to fill the slate of candidates to be offered for election at the NAGA triennial meeting.

Katrina Packard Elvig, Nominating Chair

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