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General Convention

July 2022, Baltimore, Maryland

The sacristy with EVERYTHING needed for services in both houses. The House of Deputies and the House of Bishops had separate services.

National Altar Guild Association (NAGA) members traditionally serve at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church to help prepare and set up the Eucharist, as enlisted by Convention staff. Several months ago, we were advised that help from NAGA would not be needed, as the Convention had been shortened in length and there would be no large “neighborhood” Eucharist. We were also told that only essential attendees would be granted access to the Convention Center, so NAGA board members canceled plans to attend General Convention. 

Just a few weeks before the beginning of General Convention, NAGA was asked to help with Eucharist services for the House of Bishops and House of Deputies. NAGA went into scramble mode to obtain items needed for the Eucharist stations — chalices, linens, bread baskets, etc.

The altar in the House of Deputies 
The altar in the House of Bishops 

Sharon Nachman, NAGA Province III Representative, went to work gathering the required items as well as a small group of volunteers to ensure everything was available and set up. All of the linens, chalices and patens were borrowed from local churches. Part of Sharon’s job was to mark everything so that it all went back to the right place. Whole wheat as well as gluten-free wafers were distributed. There were last-minute changes and adjustments for both services. There were just three altar guild members per service — one in the House of Bishops and two in the House of Deputies. As you can see from the pictures, both altars were very simple. 

It was a General Convention like no other!

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